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Friendly Atmosphere

Martial arts strengthen not only the body but also the mind and spirit. You will gain a strong sense of focus and self-confidence while training in a friendly atmosphere.

Expert Instructor

Over 16 years experience in martial arts techniques such as Qi Gong, Shotokan and Shaolin Kung Fu.

High quality training

You will learn effective exercise techniques which will transform your body and overall physique making you stronger and more flexible. These techniques are essential to any person who is seeking to become proficient in martial arts.


Training Costs

To start karate lessons with us you need to pay your class fees, have valid licence and insurance cover and a karate Gi (suit) to practise in.

Karate Gis

  • You need to buy your own karate Gi (suit) from wherever you like

Class Fees

  • Paid at the beginning of each lesson
  • See instructor for application

License / Insurance

  • Every member must have an annual licence / insurance cover
  • See instructor for application

Training Times


Time to be confirmed soon. 



High Road, South Woodford


 Classes will commence in the near future.


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